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Technology has fundamentally changed our idea of community and the ways in which we interact with each other. Building networks for learning and support is paramount like never before. Learn more at the DICIPASS Final Conference! 

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Digital Access

One important tenant of digital citizenship is that access to technology should be available to all. It is unreasonable to think that everyone can receive equal access to technology, but it is a noble goal towards which to aspire. Digital citizens should continue to lobby for more digital access, in more locations, so that more people can benefit from it.

Digital Rights and Responsibility

The global and instantaneous nature of our digital age puts enormous power into the hands of everyday citizens. In order to keep the right to digital access, we must strive to always use it in responsible ways. Those committed to the concept of Digital Citizenship must take their rights seriously and their responsibilities even more seriously, setting positive examples and helping guide the integration of technology into new areas.

Digital Law and Copyright

Many intellectual information laws are violated in this new digital age, i.e. copyright infringement and trademark abuse. The digital world is so enormous that it is difficult to police. Therefore, we digital citizens must be vigilant in reporting illegal behavior, if we see it, and we personally should only engage in behavior that is above reproach.

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Intellectual Outputs

The project pioneers to design a complete Tool Kit and an Educational Pack for developing, implementing and monitoring various inclusive strategies for promoting digital citizenship competencies. It also pioneers in developing a Code of Honour for the formative and on-going type of reflective and digital assessment of young people’s habits, behaviour, attitudes and values.

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The project consortium is keeping up with the work to promote digital citizenship on various social media channels and in different forms, including as a podcasts. Learn about the project progress, new topics discovered and best practice exchange between youth workers across Europe.


The project has produced various social media activities for young people and youth workers. Stay tuned for more information!